About the Habonim Dror Camp Association

The Habonim Dror Camp Association (HDCA) brings the professional and lay leaders of the six North American Habonim Dror summer camps together with the leadership of the Habonim Dror (HDNA) youth movement.

HDCA works to enhance relationships and communication between the movement and the camps by facilitating opportunities to come together around issues of mutual interest and concern. 

This is done through annual summer face-to-face meetings (mifgashim) of camp board members, an annual conference (kennes) of all parts of the Habonim Dror family, and ongoing communication, cooperation and educational programming. We work together to solve problems, share ideas, apply for grants and achieve economies of scale.

Habonim Dror is supported by the Habonim Dror Foundation (HDF), a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to secure the future of this unique youth movement. HDCA, HDNA and HDF are all affiliated with Ameinu, the progressive Zionist organization that is heir to the historic Labor Zionist Alliance in the United States and Canada.