Habonim Dror Summer Camps

Experiential education and cooperative learning are the hallmarks of the Habonim Dror experience at six summer camps sprinkled across North America. Modeled on the spirit of kibbutz, Habonim Dror camps build caring and inclusive youth-led communities based on Jewish ideals of collective responsibility, respect, equality and friendship. 

Habonim Dror machanot (summer camps) provide children ages 8 – 17 with a unique camping experience. Each machaneh (camp) offers a wealth of activities, programs and scouting events including arts and crafts, Hebrew songs and Israeli dance, a full sports program, nature study and hikes. Campers grow physically, emotionally and intellectually in a creative, open and caring environment. Habonim Dror has been providing a machaneh experience since 1932.

More than just a summer camp, Habonim Dror operates in over 20 chapters across North America, providing programming around Jewish Holidays, Zionist education, and social justice activism. Uniquely youth led, just like the summer camps, Habonim Dror programming extends throughout the school year based on the values of Habonim-Dror: teaching and living the principles of social justice and equality and exploring the ways of peace and coexistence in Israel and North America.



Eastern Canada

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York

Mid-West United States


Maryland, Delaware, Virginia

Western United States

 Pacific Northwest

US and Canada